What leading Doctors say about B-Lite

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David Segal, Boston, MA, USA & Jerusalem, Israel

 Minimizing the weight of breast implants is extremely important. As an Orthopedic surgeon I see a large number of patients with very large and heavy breasts associated with back pain. I must say that following my recommendation to undergo breast reduction these patients had noticed significant reduction in their back pain.

Christopher Inglefield FRCS(Plast), London

B-Lite is the most significant advance in breast implant technology for 30 years.  

Bernard Hirshowitz, Haifa, Israel

...reduction of the weight of the implants has far reaching implications...Although the body generally adapts itself quickly to the increased volume of the enlarged breasts, weighty breast implants have a number of deleterious effects on the tissues of the body surrounding the implants...

Prof. Michael Scheflan, Tel Aviv, Israel

One of the reasons why big implants are unpredictable and may cause big problems, is that their weight applies constant stress to the tissues which results in Ptosis, bottoming out, wrinkling, palpability and visibility. To that end a lighter implant may minimize all that and change the rules of the game.

Ernst Magnus Noah,Kassel, Germany

Decreased weight of implants  is a highly promising new development which will help to reduce early ptosis in implant based breast surgery and increase patient comfort.