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The most obvious trend in the breast implant market today is for larger implants.  Contrary to long-standing dogmas, breast implant weight, rather than its volume, is the factor triggering many postoperative complications and side-effects.

Gravitational forces on the breast, directly proportional to tissue and implant weight, expose the breast tissue and suspensory ligaments to mechanical stress, consequently translating to dynamic creep deformation. This is most commonly observed with heavy implants and among women with reduced breast support tissue.

 B-Lite implants complete range


Benefits of B-Lite –

  • Weight – B-Lite is the world’s lightest breast implant. The B-Lite gel is cohesive and has a reduced density which makes implants up to 30% lighter than the standard silicone equivalent, achieving the same volume enhancement with 30% less weight
  • Same procedure – no new technique or training is required
  • Market-leading shell – the shells for B-Lite implants are manufactured in Germany by the market leader with 25 years of experience  They have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of women over the years and their safety is well documented
  • Robust Cohesive gel – B-Lite gel is a microsphere-enhanced, cohesive, silicone gel. The microspheres are fixed in place physically and chemically providing form stable implants with a natural feel
  • Full product range – A full range of implant sizes will be available in both round and anatomical shapes, textured and smooth shells

“B-Lite is the most significant advance in breast implant technology

for 30 years since cohesive silicone gel was first introduced”

– Christopher Inglefield FRCS(Plast)

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B-Lite implants, as supplied, are exclusively intended for implantation by surgeons skilled in aesthetic or reconstructive breast surgery

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