Patient FAQ

Will I feel the difference in weight?

Yes you will. Patients get used to the feel of any implant. Your body is sensitive to change but very quick to adapt. For example if you wear a bracelet you are initially very aware of its presence but soon forget about it.

With B-lite implants your breast tissues will feel the difference every day especially when doing sports and leisure activities. The reduction in weight will significantly reduce the stress on soft tissue surrounding your breasts improving your comfort and reducing unwanted side effects.

Is the difference in weight significant?

Yes it is.  A reduction in implant weight of up to 30% will reduce the negative effects of gravity on the soft tissue surrounding your implants.  They will be more comfortable for day to day activities and exercise and we expect the shape of your breasts to be maintained over the longer term  compared to a traditional, heavier implant.

Are B-Lite implants safe?

We have had your safety in mind throughout the development of B-Lite. The first line of protection is the implant shell. Ours is made by the market leader in implant shell technology. It has been used for hundreds of thousands of patients  and has an impeccable safety record. Inside the shell, we use B-Lite gel. B-Lite gel is a cohesive gel rather than a fluid. Cohesive gel is form-stable so if the shell is compromised the B-Lite gel does not flow out. The microspheres are suspended in the gel both physically. They do not move around inside the gel.

What about sports and recreation?

You should feel more comfortable in all your recreational activities with B-Lite. The 30% weight reduction should improve comfort for a full range of activities from aerobics to yoga.  Lighter breasts are less subject to the effects of gravity and therefore put less strain on the soft tissue surrounding the implant. For more adventurous activities like SCUBA diving or sky diving, the B-Lite implants will withstand ambient pressures in excess of thirteen Atmospheres without damage. Typically, recreational SCUBA divers do not exceed four Atmospheres of pressure.

What about flying?

Flying is totally safe with B-Lite.  The B-Lite implants are not affected by the changes in cabin pressure encountered during flight.

Are microspheres safe?

Yes. Microspheres are already widely used in a range of applications. They are biocompatible and can be found in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Microspheres are also common in dentistry, orthopedics, urology and many other medical applications. The microspheres are integrated within the cohesive gel and do not move even if the implant is ruptured.