Lightweight Breast Implant (LWBI) Technology

B-Lite Lightweight breast implants combine well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to provide natural fullness, feel and strength with minimal weight.

The proprietary B-Lite gel has a reduced density and therefore the weight of the implant is reduced by up to 30%. The lighter implant is more comfortable, easier to get used to and reduces the stress on soft tissues associated with traditional, heavier implants.

Microspheres are the magic ingredient in B-Lite gel. By suspending tiny hollow spheres in the cohesive gel we can make implants up to 30% lighter than the equivalent all-silicone implants. The microspheres are made from high purity, biocompatible, borosilicate that are fixed physically and chemically into the cohesive gel. Microspheres cannot move around inside the gel or pass through the shell. Cohesive implant gel is not a fluid and is form-stable. B-Lite gel has the feeling of natural tissue and if the shell is compromised the microspheres will not disperse in the body.










The shells for B-Lite implants are manufactured in Germany by the market leader with 25 years of experienceand and have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of patients over the years. A complete product range of implant sizes and shapes is available. Implant rupture is rare but with all breast implants there is a small chance it might occur. Because of the unique technology used in the manufacture of B-Lite implants there is a lower likelihood of dispersal than with traditional implants.

Proven materials you can trust

  • The shell of the implant is exactly the same shell used in the manufacturing of traditional implants
  • The filler uses the highest standard, medical grade, cohesive, microsphere-enhanced silicone
  • Microspheres are already proven in numerous other medical devices and applications
  • Microspheres are fixed in place


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